Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Father's Tale...

To my little baby girl,

A few years back, I had an entry for my future child. At that time, we didn't really have a proper name, but it was a name nonetheless for you. At that time, you weren't here yet. And I was missing you terribly.

And here I am again, putting another entry for you.

As of last week, you're 5 months old in your mommy's belly. In another 4 months, we'll be able to see you. God knows how excited both of us are. Waiting for our little girl to come to our world.

When we first found out of your arrival...we had to take the test 4 times to be sure. Actually the third test got us depressed when the doctor said that your mom wasn't pregnant.

We were quiet the drive back home. We afraid to hope. We didn't know what to feel.

Your mother bled the day after, and made an appointment with a doctor later that Friday.

Alhamdulillah was the only thing I could utter when the doc said, 'There's your baby...'

There you were...our little child...slowly growing.

My eyes teared up and the swelling of joy rushed to my heart.

That was a few months ago. And now you've grown strong and healthy...

I've been rubbing your mommy's tummy for the past few nights. Putting oil and gently massaging it so that it would comfort her. What I found out later, that you enjoyed it too. Every time I rub your mommy's belly, I would take the time to talk to you. I'm not sure either you understand me or not...but I just kept on talking to you. My daughter. I would tell you about how we feel for you, how excited and happy we are.

But the most amazing thing that happened was last night. These past few weeks your mommy has been having bad dreams. She kept on waking up in the middle of the night, and would have problems sleeping later. Then last night, I asked you to help her. Help her sleep. I asked for you to try to meet your mommy in her dreams.

The whole time mommy said you were moving so much. You responded to my touch and voice. And I kept asking for you, my little girl to help mommy. She needs the rest...

And this morning, when I asked...she said, 'Your daughter listened to you...'

It turns out that she slept soundly. She had a good night's rest.

Thank you my little unborn child.

I'll talk to you again tonight, and will try to do it every night if I that you'll hear my voice and know, that we're waiting for you patiently.

Mommy and Daddy loves you very much...our little treasure.

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boyarque said...

the magic of parenthood :)